Key Leaders


Evg. ELAINE DeMICHIELLI  ~ CEO, President and Founder of  Extravagant Love International Ministries, ELIM  is from 3rd generation of Pastors, Evangelists  with grandmother on her Mother’s side, an Evangelist; and twin aunts, on Father’s side,  who were Pastors for many years. She always, since childhood, felt a calling on her life; but only until now is fulfilling that as an end times, last days work to bring in the harvest of lost souls, REVIVAL and SPIRITUAL AWAKENING.  ELIM Ministry is a GOD-inspired, “suddenly” work for last days before JESUS comes, *Acts 2:1-4  ELIM came to be after an Evangelist who came to her church on November 17th, 2019 spoke prophetic words over her each of the 4 services, with the most memorable one being, “you are going to metamorphous into the calling, anointing God has placed on your life.”  Elaine then received a Spiritual breakthrough on December 18th, 2019, followed by three visions the LORD gave her concerning  HIS  Plan  for the earth in the last days in bringing REVIVAL, SPIRITUAL AWAKENING.  That following Saturday, December 22, 2019,  Pastor  Barnoba Gomes, now  ELIM  National  Director,  Bangladesh, a new Facebook friend, who  leads a church from the same denomination,  contacted Elaine and they talked by phone as she shared with Pastor Gomes about the previous year in her life being one of severe testing and spiritual warfare.  They talked, prayed in the Spirit for over an hour; and Pastor Gomes invited Elaine to come to Bangladesh to share her story, the Word of God to their congregation.  When they hung up, Elaine continued to saturate her home, life in Prayer, with Praise and Worship music on auto play on her computer, filling her home with the Presence of the Lord.  Later that morning, the Lord gave Elaine a vision, that was so vivid it was almost like JESUS was in the living room of her home.  She saw the Lord sitting in the clouds above her, weaving a beautiful tapestry, hanging over His lap.  JESUS turned, looked at her and said “I am weaving you together with my chosen ones to fulfill My plan on the earth.”  Overcome with the Glory of the Lord, Elaine continued to pray the rest of that day, still listening to Praise and Worship music right up until late evening.  As she folded back covers on her bed, another vision came … this time a strong, stern instruction from HOLY SPIRIT about how to PRAY specifically for the ministry the LORD  was  revealing  to her that  He wanted done, beginning in Bangladesh.  This vision, too sacred to share, remains only with key leadership of ELIM Ministries.  But, the LORD gave Elaine specific instructions on using red satin ribbon, symbolizing His blood shed on the cross for all those who would come to Him, and clear diamond shaped self-stick gemstones on a huge map in her home office, that would be used to mark all the places the LORD would take Elaine and ELIM team to in ministry, REVIVAL for the prophetic year of 2020.   Pastor Barnoba Gomes, his beautiful wife, Elean (same name as Elaine, spelled and pronounced differently … a God moment, P.S. I Love You, postscripts from heaven for the book, Extravagant Love, soon to be published) and their two daughters are faithful supporters, encouragers of  ELIM, and the cornerstone / bedrock of this ministry. They serve their church faithfully, as well as in outreach ministry.

ELIM ~ Extravagant Love Ministries, then began making plans to go first to Bangladesh, of great spiritual significance in the starting, launching point of ministry; then to Malaysia, the first place where Evg. Elaine DeMichielli, along with K.M. Sahotra, who is now Vice President/National Director for Malaysia for ELIM Ministries, held a video conference to a church congregation, and at the alter call, many came forward, some receiving Baptism in Holy Spirit. Next was in Lahore, Pakistan, with Pastor Pervaiz Patrus and Interpreter, John Salas in two or three online video conferences to their congregation. During alter call of the 3rd conference, 30 people accepted JESUS as their LORD, SAVIOR, many of those received Baptism of Holy Spirit and 22 people reported being healed.

Then, Pastor Suleman Younis, National Director, Pakistan via video conference to his congregation. And through God-inspired, led by Holy Spirit, much prayer, other Pastors from Pakistan began requesting online video messages to their churches. It became very clear, that before ELIM Ministry could even go to Africa, with Pastor Vincent Makonge, National Director for Africa and ELIM Team, leaders, Evg. Elijah Kulson and Eric May-Lay, who Elaine met early in the beginnings of this ministry, and will serve with Pastor Vincent in Africa. with ELIM also part of God’s plan for evangelizing these five countries: Bangladesh, Malaysia, Pakistan, India, Africa and then back to the United States for REVIVAL meetings, that the hunger for God’s Word was so great in Pakistan; first the trip would have to be extended for an entire month in Pakistan; then to the other countries, nations, as the LORD directs.

Sometime in late February, Evg. Elaine met Pastor Allam Amjad, Owner, Founder of ELOHIM TV and ELOHIM Ministries, who began airing her messages on their TV channel and doing promo spots free of charge. On March 4th, Pastor Amjad hosted a Seminar for Evg. Elaine to speak at. Soon after, upon learning that she needed help getting the Facebook, website and YouTube channel completed, he offered to assist. It was another divine connection (the LORD weaving together the beautiful tapestry of connecting just the right person, at the right time for the further growth, development of this ministry). Pastor Allam Amjad, is now International Vice President/ Director of ELIM Ministries, and has brought three additional key leaders, along with us, Ann Navid, International Outreach Director, Qasim Sagar, International Director of Media and Schools, Bible Training, Pakistan, and Ayesha Zafar, International Director of Administration and Evangelism We are so blessed to have these exceptional people as key leaders for ELIM Ministries!

Then, as we all know, the COVID-19 pandemic occurred, and ministries all over the world, placed on “pause” while GOD wakes up not only the Church …

2 Chronicles 7:14 “If My people who are called by My name humble themselves and PRAY and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, forgive their sin, and heal their land. Now My eyes will be open and My ears attentive to the prayers offered in this place.…”

but also the whole world! And, yes, even non-believers know this is something GOD is using to turn our focus, attention, and most importantly, our hearts, lives back to HIM!

This ELIM ministry is experiencing REVIVAL now! … in just little more than three months time (through Easter, 2020) has grown into five countries, with 15 affiliated churches, and several Evangelists, Worship Leaders, helpers under National Directors, in each country and many more believers, Pastors, Evangelists interested in joining us, in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, that has virtually locked down every country and prevented ministries traveling to affected countries and conduct crusades or hold meetings. But GOD’s plan is never in “lockdown”; and in fact, ELIM ministry is experiencing incredible, rapid growth, unmistakably GOD in answers to prayers, with many testimonies of healings, deliverance and souls saved, receiving Baptism of Holy Spirit and hearts, lives touched, forever changed, unfolding, “in metamorphosis” day by day, just as Evangelist Joe Oden spoke in prophetic anointing to Evg. Elaine in the November 17, 2019 revival. ELIM is meeting the incredible desire, among people in all these nations, for God’s Word through messages of HOPE, HEALING, DELIVERANCE with signs, wonders, miracles … and we have not even physically gone (due to restrictions in travel) into any of these places yet! ELIM is equipping disciples, empowered by Holy Spirit to “Go into all the world, preaching the gospel …” * Mark 16:15 … and for Believers today to live a life of VICTORY in JESUS. Before being called into ELIM, Elaine formed and led Women’s Prayer Groups, began a Relay Center for Samaritan’s Purse, Franklin Graham’s organization providing shoe box gifts to millions of children around the world at Christmas time each year, that is still in operation today. She has a passion for God’s Word and His Perfect Will in fulfilling the Plan He has shown her, insisting that key leadership, before any decision is made, seek the LORD for clear direction. She has spent hours in prayer, and prays extensively daily for the LORD’s direction, resulting in the best key leadership team possible for this assignment. She also is a very compassionate person, who cares about hurting people, in need of the Savior’s Extravagant Love for all of us. She is writing a Holy Spirit inspired book, titled “Extravagant Love with subtitle, P.S. I Love You, postscripts from heaven, soon to be published … those God Moments when He speaks a word or drops something seemingly insignificant into your path to let you know HE is there. Elaine’s passion, greatest desire for this ministry is that each and every person it touches, will experience a genuine, personal encounter with JESUS, through Holy Spirit and enter into the Glory, Presence of the LORD like they’ve never experienced before, preparing them for heaven.

Jeremiah 33:3 “Call upon Me, and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things that you know not.”

I pray this story of how amazing it is that GOD, the Author, Creator of ELIM, Extravagant Love International Ministries, in just little more than three months time, has grown it into a “suddenly” end times ministry for the prophetic year of 2020, last days we are living in, blesses and inspires you to LIVE GOD LOUD! Surrender EVERYTHING of your life to HIM … and watch what amazing, incredible, undeniable, extraordinary EXTRAVAGANT LOVE HE will show you in what can be accomplished with and through you, in your surrendered life to HIM!

SHALOM! In Yeshua!



GOD is Always With Us

Exodus 15:27 “Then they came to Elim, where there were twelve springs of water and seventy palm trees, and they camped there by the waters.”

ELIM: Hebrew meaning “God’s Place of Protection and Provision”

Key Foundation Scriptures for ELIM ~ Extravagant Love International Ministries:

  • Jeremiah 29:11-14
  • Ephesians 3:20
  • Jeremiah 33:3

And for ALL those we minister to:

    • Psalm 91 & 121
    • Deuteronomy 31:8 “The LORD Himself goes before you; He will be with you. He will never leave you or forsake you. Do not be afraid or discouraged.”
    • Isaiah 65:24




Pastor Allam Amjad, International Vice President / Director of Extravagant Love International Ministries, ELIM came to the Lord through his Uncle, who discipled him in the Word of God. At the time, Allam was a professional dancer; while also singing in the choir of his church in Faisalabad, Pakistan. The Lord began compelling Allam to go into ministry. In 2012 he was given a vision for ELOHIM Ministries, and established this amazing ministry in 2016, fulfilling the LORD’s calling, anointing on his life. Then just one year later, in 2017, began ELOHIM TV that has wide coverage. At the young age of 19, he is Owner / Founder of ELOHIM TV as well as ELOHIM Ministries, both very successful. A revivalist, Pastor Allam held many crusades throughout Pakistan; as well as Youth Conferences and Conventions. He is gifted in music, plays several instruments and often leads Worship, as well as teaching, preaching. He has a passion for winning the lost and ministering to hurting, broken people, often called upon for healing and deliverance ministry. He shares the same compassion for all people as does, Evg. Elaine. In early February, 2020, Pastor Allam produced promotional videos for Evg. Elaine DeMichielli, President / Founder of Extravagant Love International Ministries; then March 4th, 2020, hosted an ELIM Seminar with her in Faisalabad. The Lord kept speaking to Pastor Allam about doing more with and for Extravagant Love International Ministries; and after much prayer, conversations with Elaine; they both sought the Lord’s perfect will in prayer; and Pastor Allam agreed to become the International Vice President / Director for ELIM, taking charge of Administration and creating the ministry’s Facebook, website pages and YouTube channel. This amazing God-breathed, ordained ministry has, in three months, grown into five countries, with fifteen partnering, affiliated churches, as well as many Pastors, Evangelists and others associated with ELIM and twelve anointed, God-appointed exceptional people on the ELIM Leadership team. Pastor Allam Amjad and Evg. Elaine DeMichielli are working diligently in bringing in the harvest of souls for this prophetic end-times ministry, covering the earth with the Word of God, ministering healing and deliverance to many, seeing souls saved, some receiving Baptism of Holy Spirit and testimonies keep coming in. Pastor Allam Amjad shares Evg. Elaine DeMichielli’s vision for bringing REVIVAL, SPIRITUAL AWAKENING in all the places God has called this ministry to, in Bangladesh, Malaysia, Pakistan, India, Africa and the United States. Both desiring that each person, life ELIM touches will experience a genuine, personal encounter with JESUS, through HOLY SPIRIT, changing hearts, lives forever for the kingdom of heaven. LIVE GOD LOUD! Share the Extravagant Love of JESUS with All you meet.

* Zechariah 4:6 “Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit, says the LORD of Hosts”


  • Ayesha Allam Amjad ~ International Director, Administration / Evangelism
  • Rev Dr Nisar Ullah ~ Spiritual Father ELIM
  • Anne Naveed ~ International Director, Outreach Projects
  • Sst Qasim Sagar ~ International Director, Media /Education
  • Barnoba Gomes ~ National Vice President / Director, Bangladesh
  • Pastor Suleman Younis ~ National Director, Pakistan
  • Pastor Vincent Makonge ~ National Director, Africa
  • Evangelist Elijah Kulson ~ Events / Outreach Coordinator, Africa
  • Eric Mahlay ~ Events /Outreach Coordinator, Africa


Administration (USA):
Vina Fuller ~ Assistant to President, Founder ~ Evg. Elaine DeMichielli

Prayer Team (USA):
*LAG and Lago Vista Group

Prayer Team (International):
* Prosenjit and Chironjit Sarker ~ Bangladesh ~ The Bridge Bible
Study Group, ELIM Outreach Projects)

* Evg. Kauser ~ Pakistan
(and many others in Bangladesh, Malaysia, Pakistan, Africa and USA)


Evg. Elaine DeMichielli ~ Pastor Allam Amjad

and the ELIM ~ Extravagant Love International Ministries Team